• Lumbercraft
    Lumbercraft is a fun casual puzzle game in which the player will start his life as a lumberjack after the opening game. The game's various challenges: building towers, forming …
    Action Farming
  • Craft Island
    Craft Island
    Craft Island is an open sandbox construction game, the game play is quite highly free, the game you can according to their own ideas to build a beautiful home, with other players t…
    Action Puzzle Farming
  • Gardenscapes
    Is a small fresh painting style casual games, the game in order to let us restore the most real dream garden, of course, you can also use their own creativity to embellish the gard…
    Hypercasual Farming Social
  • My Talking Angela
    My Talking Angela
    Adopt a baby kitten and enhance her!Give her a bath, decorate her home and feed her delicious food so she can grow up to be a beautiful and healthy cat girl!Call ANGELA will become…
    Adventure Cooking Farming 3D
  • Truck'em All
    Truck'em All
    A truck transport driving game, the picture is relatively simple, but the content is acceptable, which has the most innovative gameplay, a variety of experiences, quite difficult, …
    Adventure Farming 3D
  • My Town : Best Friends' House games for kids
    My Town : Best Friends' House games for kids
    A digital playhouse game which is like a free canvas on which children can create new games and stories every time they play. Can be played alone or with parents and friendsYou can…
    Cooking Farming Baby
  • Township
    A very fun simulation business mobile game with a high degree of freedom in the game. Players can reclaim wasteland to build farms, zoos, processing factories, etc., sell the produ…
    Hypercasual Farming
  • Stardew Valley
    Stardew Valley
    A role-playing type of farm management game, the game has a unique pixel graphics style and a high degree of freedom. You can be a happy farmer, chopping wood, planting and feeding…
    Simulation Farming
  • Farming Simulator 20
    Farming Simulator 20
    A simulation game that has taken the world by storm. Develop and expand your land in a brand new North American farming environment, along with brand new machines from Packrat and …
  • One Hour One Life for Mobile
    One Hour One Life for Mobile
    It is a very creative game full of life philosophy with the background of primitive society, in which players will experience the life of primitive people, need to be in a large gr…
    Simulation Farming
  • Forest - Stay focused
    Forest - Stay focused
    Stay Focused is an app that helps you focus on every important moment in your life, using a sense of purpose and accomplishment as positive reinforcement to help you avoid smartpho…
  • Big Farm: Mobile Harvest – Free Farming Game
    Big Farm: Mobile Harvest – Free Farming Game
    BigFarm is a simulation game in which players need to run a farm. Players have a lot of freedom to adjust everything from the content of the farm, to the placement of the farm buil…
    Puzzle Hypercasual Farming 3D
  • Paradise Island 2: Hotel Game
    Paradise Island 2: Hotel Game
    paradise island to build different buildings to create your own island world! The game offers a variety of interesting ways to play, players are free to unlock and participate in t…
    Puzzle Hypercasual Farming 3D
  • Hay Day
    Hay Day
    It adopts American cartoon style to bring players a different kind of pastoral scenery. In the game, players will experience the fun of sowing, harvesting, processing food, raising…
    Hypercasual Farming
  • Merge Fables
    Merge Fables
    Merge Fables is a fresh cartoon style casual merging puzzle game, in this fairy tale like world to start a new merging adventure, the game is simple and easy to use, there are a va…