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Supreme Duelist Stickman
Supreme Duelist Stickman
  • os: Android version: 2.2.7
    updated: February 3, 2021 size: 32M
  • os: IOS version: 1.0.8
    updated: Feb 23, 2021 size: 135.1 MB
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Edit Notes

Supreme Duelist Stickman" has obvious features, the game prepares many different styles and types of battle maps for players, provides a large number of various character skins for the matchmaker, the most prominent of course must have a unique charm of the 2D physics engine settings, minimalist control, so that players can get great feedback with just a simple operation. In terms of battle modes, the game also offers a number of different battle modes such as player versus computer, player versus player, and survival mode.

How To Play

- Simple controls

-Lots of maps

-Play and unlock new skins

-1-player, 2-player and survival modes

-Realistic stickman ragdoll.

-2D physics stickman wars

-Create your own stickman wariors.

Different modes

-Gravity (on/off)

-immediate KO (if disabled, water, lava, etc. will cause damage upon contact)

-Energy shield (if disabled, stickman can bend down)

You can choose your character and play with a friend in 2-player mode.

RHG Stick Fighting Game


A matchmaker themed horizontal fighting game, by controlling the matchmaker to release a variety of moves to fight, the rapid sense of combat people can not stop! It is an action game developed with the background of matchmaker, and it is played in the way of horizontal game, the simple matchmaker style is very classic, and the operation is also very simple, although the game's picture is very simple, but there is no lack of content, also can give players a very exciting action game experience!

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