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Grand Theft Auto III
Grand Theft Auto III
  • os: Android version: 1.8
    updated: June 10, 2019 size: 12MB
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The game creates a big city with a diverse ethnicity and culture. Players will take on the role of a man who lives in a city where crime is allowed and the game can satisfy some players who like to play as a male man type. The game also allows for the indiscriminate use of various weapons on Big Sister. Nevertheless, under the strong packaging of violence and pornography and other exciting factors, the revamped Grand Theft Auto 3 does play an irresistible charm. Grand Theft Auto 3 has completed the transformation from 2D to 3D, and PC players have felt the difference between console games and computer games for the first time

How To Play

Combat System

In Grand Theft Auto 3 Mac version game, the combat system is part of the mission mechanic, which allows you to fight during missions or when there is no mission. Everyone has the same amount of life. When a weapon fires a bullet on an enemy, it causes damage to the enemy. The game has combat missions, and these missions are judged to begin if they start, and end if the corresponding enemy is killed or the corresponding objective is completed. The game's lock-on setting makes the game more sophisticated in terms of fighting, shooting, combat skills and weapons.

Mission System

Grand Theft Auto 3 Mac's missions include many tasks for the main character. There are main missions and optional side missions that add to the playability and freedom of the game. Some of the details before the mission may not seem important, such as whether to go to the weapon store to buy some weapons to be fully prepared before starting some missions, however, these detailed decisions may determine the success or failure of the mission. The decisions made by the protagonist are not important for the game, but these decisions are also likely to affect the outcome of the mission. The protagonist needs to go to the mission point to trigger the mission, which can be completed in only one way. Missions are fixed in difficulty and mode and cannot be selected or changed


Grand Theft Auto 3 Mac crack game is a very realistic world, with a variety of cars, houses, people and so on, the weather will also change with the time, there are rainy days, cloudy days, sunny days, day, evening and night in Grand Theft Auto 3 Mac version Players can do whatever they want! You can perform game missions, go for a walk if you are tired, and commit all kinds of evil deeds. When you reach a certain level of evil, you will attract a large number of police officers, which is very interesting!

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