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Five Nights at Freddy's
Five Nights at Freddy's
  • os: Android version: 2.0.1
    updated: September 2, 2019 size: 49.7MB
  • os: IOS version: 2.0.1
    updated: September 2, 2019 size: 83.6MB
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1, the player is best to always stay in the camera interface, switch rooms, observe the movement of the teddy bear, always stay alert.  

2, the lights on both sides of the surveillance room nothing to do do not open indiscriminately, and so observe the teddy bear close to the surveillance room, and then use. Otherwise, the energy used up, you can only wait for death. 

3, to always observe the movement of the teddy bear, be ready when it is close to the monitoring room.

How To Play

In the game players as a security guard to be safe in the pizzeria to persist through five nights, the front of the night, although horrible, but are not difficult, the only difficulty lies in the fifth night, most players are in this night on the GG, the following is brought by the teddy bear's five night harem pass method, I hope to bring some help to the players stuck.

The fifth night, the toys all out to come, a good trick is that the monitoring will be set where the Pirate Bay, because the bear master moved, he will be accompanied by a lustful laugh before each source move. So open the monitoring when the right door first closed, the bear master with a light can not shine, when he is closer to your monitoring room, the laughter will be increasingly large hundred, so hurry to close the right door. After looking at the degree of monitoring in the door, it moves in a way that you open the monitoring randomly move in a room, but will get closer and closer to your room. As for the left door more checks, do not need to mess with the monitor, just ask to monitor the fox Hoss and the right door of the bear master, guaranteed to pass, the sixth night and answer custom full twenty difficulty can use this.


The game tells the story of the main character is a pizza store monitoring security, the store in order to attract more children in the store set up a lot of teddy bears, in these teddy bears join are AI robot, but at midnight these teddy bears inexplicably began to move up, the silent night to create a kind of scary atmosphere. So what will happen in this night?

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