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Kick the Buddy
Kick the Buddy
  • os: Android version: Varies with device
    updated: August 1, 2019 size: Varies with device
  • os: IOS version: 1.3.17
    updated: Apr 23, 2021 size: 229.9 MB
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Promotional Video/Screenshot

Edit Notes

- New super cool elements

  - New realistic Buddyman model

  - New colorful graphics

  - New funny taunts and tricks

  - New awesome decorations

  - New amazing missions

How To Play

1, no geographical restrictions, try to use in any place, instantly in the unhappy you play a while can also laugh;. 

2, here is full of the charm of various props, not only the simple cold weapons on the sci-fi version of the weapons on the line Oh;. 

3, inside the map with the music is very beautiful, and the sound after the blow can make you laugh more than oh!

In the game, the little man will also be gibbering and complaining from time to time, as if in protest against your dissatisfaction, but do not care what he is talking about what the bird, fat beat him is it. You can even hold his body with one finger and his head with the other finger to "split him up" and he will scream in pain, very cool there? The game is also interesting to earn money settings, the more painful the abuse of the little Muppet will be able to get more money, but I play down the feeling that the speed of money is still quite slow, abuse props and so expensive, want to do a good job of abusing people is not imagined to be so easy ah!


Kick the Buddy fun simulation game, through the bound toy man to implement your actions, unlock a variety of combat props, there are many sci-fi weapons on the line, with beautiful music, with a sense of thrilling combat, let you funny non-stop.

Kick the Buddy game play is very simple, is to click and drag the villain to hit him, or use props to hit him, the more ferocious the player will get more gold, and experience value.

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