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My Talking Angela
My Talking Angela
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    updated: January 26, 2021 size: 108M
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A very fun casual raising and dress up game, the game operation is very simple, the main focus of leisure, players in the game can change their characters for a variety of different fashions, but also for their characters makeup, play will be very easy, a variety of features of the game content, to ensure that you can play addiction. Not only is there a wealth of fashion, you can also buy a variety of decorations, decorate their backgrounds, so you can unlock more scenes, the game is not only simple, but also provides a large number of tasks every day, after completing the task you can get to the gold, gold can buy a variety of props and clothing, so you are dressing up for is also very fun.

How To Play

- Play dress-up: let you fully play with your extraordinary sense of fashion and dress up Angela with the most trendy fashion and the cutest accessories.

- Play Games: Discover and play cool new mini games!

- Collect stickers: Find and collect hundreds of virtual stickers, each with a new picture of Angela, and collect them all in your own super special album. You can even sell stickers to other players to complete the album.

- Get exclusive costumes: Collect special stickers and unlock new exclusive costumes to make Angela shine in them.


Adopt a baby kitten and enhance her!

Give her a bath, decorate her home and feed her delicious food so she can grow up to be a beautiful and healthy cat girl!

Call ANGELA will become your best friend!

Have fun, play cool mini games and solve puzzles! You can collect cute stickers in the album and swap them with your friends.

It's all about fashion!

Buy the perfect dress and shoes and give her a fashionable makeover by matching her outfit with cute hair and makeup. Feeling a little adventurous? Explore her face paint collection to add extra sparkle.

Check out her amazing dance studio!

Here you can learn cool dance moves to your favorite new songs. Just press play, feel the music and swipe! Whether you like ballet, K-pop or disco - get on stage and make some magic!

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  • this is a creapy game eee

    by 40-20=20 14 Aug,2021
  • es muy bueno el juego

    by melany 27 Jun,2021

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