• Slapstick Fighter
    Slapstick Fighter
    This is a matchmaker fighting theme, hot and exciting breakout game, the style is very fresh and beautiful, and very magical, two players using the same equipment for two-person ga…
    Action Adventure Stickman 2 Player
  • Supreme Duelist Stickman
    Supreme Duelist Stickman
    A matchmaker themed horizontal fighting game, by controlling the matchmaker to release a variety of moves to fight, the rapid sense of combat people can not stop! It is an action g…
    Puzzle Hypercasual Stickman
  • Stretch Guy
    Stretch Guy
    Stretch Guy is a funny and interesting puzzle game in which the player can control the matchmaker to climb, can you reach the switch on the top of the head? Inside the level, playe…
    Puzzle Hypercasual Stickman 3D
  • Draw a Stickman: EPIC 3
    Draw a Stickman: EPIC 3
    The main character's appearance, name are set by the player himself, the game you need to use a variety of pencils, drawing elements, tools and weapons to solve puzzles and ove…
  • Anger of stick 5 : zombie
    Anger of stick 5 : zombie
    This is a matchmaker as the main character, kill zombies as the theme of the horizontal action game. Players in the game control the angry matchmaker, using a variety of props to k…
  • Stickman Project
    Stickman Project
    Stickman Project is a mobile game that focuses on matchmaker fighting challenges. Unique fighting experience, matchmaker adventure plus a variety of unique weapons, defeat a variet…