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Granny vs Impostor: Spy Master
Granny vs Impostor: Spy Master
  • os: Android version: 0.3.4
    updated: July 2 2021 size: 99M
  • os: IOS version: 0.3.3
    updated: Jun 22, 2021 size: 271.3 MB
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The graphics of Granny vs Impostor: Spy Master are designed with a fully three-dimensional realistic look, based on fully 3D three-dimensional characters and backgrounds, and presented with a variety of different gameplay, presenting a vast picture in levels that require a vast scene, and perfecting it with more exquisite details within the flat levels, dedicated to reducing the gap in visual experience caused by different The visual experience gap brought by different dimensional art screen is reduced, thus providing players with a more realistic, exquisite and consistent visual game experience. From the actual experience, "Granny vs Impostor: Spy Master" can be seen as a commercialized fine brew with a mix of old and new, on the one hand, both the origin of the characters and the gameplay can be seen as a highly popular classic from 2 or 3 years ago; on the other hand, we cannot ignore the game's advantage of combining the once popular with the current trend by virtue of the beautiful art The advantages of a good combination

How To Play

Granny vs Impostor: Spy Master" has a wide variety of gameplay, including sniper shooting, decompression bouncing, and relaxing clicker gameplay, making it a collection of mini-games. Of course, as a highly popular casual game. The game itself does not let a variety of play between the obvious sense of interval, but through the consistent art style and character modeling, the relationship between the plot link, and the exciting blood thrill tandem, so that players from the relaxed casual game to reap the benefits of the hot blood entertainment experience.

1、Sniper shooting gameplay, decompression bouncing gameplay and many more come together.

2, completely three-dimensional realistic shape design will give players more fun experience;.

3, flat level in more exquisite details to improve.


The game is a casual game that brings together many popular, popular and classic gameplay, allowing players to experience more fun in this simple game. In the game, players will play as a strong crazy grandmother to fight against the impostors in the level and win the final victory. In terms of characters, the classic characters from the once popular "Crazy Granny / Angry Granny" and the most popular red impostor from "Space Werewolf" (Among us) were chosen as the main characters. The familiar shape, exquisite gameplay and strong confrontation bring players a sense of shocking impact.

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