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  • os: Android version: 5.2.0
    updated: Apr 12, 2021 size: 140M
  • os: IOS version: 5.2.0
    updated: Apr 12, 2021 size: 399.6 MB
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Trade and and race, restore and decorate gardens, and experience novel storylines - all in one game!

  * Hundreds of unique match-3 levels

  *Dozens of in-game characters you can befriend

  *An adorable pet that's always cheering you on

  *An in-game social network that lets you keep track of all the latest information

  *Different areas of the garden have unique structures: crumbling fountains, mysterious mazes, and more

  *Community first - become neighbors with FB friends!

How To Play

In the game, the player is the owner of an abandoned villa with several abandoned gardens, and the player's goal is to restore these beautiful gardens with the help of the housekeeper.

The game requires the consumption of stars in order to carry out the steps of restoring the garden, and the player can choose their favorite objects to arrange the garden.

The stars can be obtained through the triple elimination mini-game, one fixed per level, plus a minimum of 50 gold coins for passing the level.


Is a small fresh painting style casual games, the game in order to let us restore the most real dream garden, of course, you can also use their own creativity to embellish the garden, this game for players not too many limitations, as long as you have ideas to better decorate the dream garden, then all is not a problem.

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  • l love it so so much

    by wasn 22 Jan,2023
  • i like this game

    by luca 11 Jan,2023
  • it was amazing find out how to save the person it created tention

    by ineedtobeasinger 23 Apr,2022
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