• Toca Kitchen 2
    Toca Kitchen 2
    A very fun fun casual to the game, where you will fully feel a magical adventure on the archery, as a chef, you will make a variety of food, but who said the world's food is de…
    Social Baby
  • My Town : Best Friends' House games for kids
    My Town : Best Friends' House games for kids
    A digital playhouse game which is like a free canvas on which children can create new games and stories every time they play. Can be played alone or with parents and friendsYou can…
    Cooking Farming Baby
  • Don't Starve
    Don't Starve
    Famine is an action-adventure survival game manufactured and published by Klei, the manufacturing group of "Shemk". The story of "Famine" is about a scientist w…
    Action Adventure Baby
  • Stickman Soccer
    Stickman Soccer
    Published by Djinnworks soccer game with matchmaker as the main character. If you have played the Matchmaker series, I believe you will like this game. Matchmaker series can be sai…
    Action NBA 2K Baby 2 Player
  • Toca Life: Vacation
    Toca Life: Vacation
    This is a fun way to play children's leisure game. The baby can take a flight, stay in a luxury hotel, as well as swimming in the beach and sightseeing areas, and can explore, …
    Girls Baby
  • PAW Patrol: Pups to the Rescue
    PAW Patrol: Pups to the Rescue
    Android version is a casual puzzle game launched by CrakSoft, the game players need to control the cute puppies rescue a variety of animals, and constantly complete a variety of re…
    Hypercasual Baby
  • PAW Patrol Rescue Run
    PAW Patrol Rescue Run
    The cartoon style makes it look more on the younger side, and the tasks of the game are not too difficult, which can play a great leisure effect. The Woofers are on patrol! Join th…
  • Toca Life: Hospital
    Toca Life: Hospital
    A strategic management game. Enter the game and experience every exciting day in a busy medical center! You'll be welcoming newborns into the world, treating patients, and even…
    Social Baby
  • Toca Boo
    Toca Boo
    The game is a spoof ghost scare game, the player's role is to pretend to be a ghost, through the various rooms in the family to complete the scare operation of family members, …
    Social Baby
  • Toca Hair Salon 3
    Toca Hair Salon 3
    Stylish and unique, cute and playful, or a personality with a non-mainstream hairstyle? Choose your favorite character from dozens of custom costumes - randomly matching hairstyles…
    Social Baby
  • Toca Pet Doctor
    Toca Pet Doctor
    This is a very fun mobile casual puzzle game oh, players can experience in the game when the veterinarian feeling oh, help small animals to deal with wounds, pain oh, the game, you…
    Social Baby
  • Toca Hair Salon Me
    Toca Hair Salon Me
    A new look for your friends and family! Just take a snapshot and start your hair styling journey! This is the latest edition of the ultra-popular Little Hairstylist series, and thi…
    Girls Baby
  • PJ Masks: Racing Heroes
    PJ Masks: Racing Heroes
    Casual hand game, players will play as their favorite heroes to play and eat the most balls while fighting criminals, interested players can come and try it out. Choose your favori…
    Boys Baby
  • PJ Masks: Hero Academy
    PJ Masks: Hero Academy
    Introduce age-appropriate concepts such as logic, puzzle solving and algorithms to kids ages 4 to 7, breaking down big problems into smaller ones for little heroes. Join HQ's p…
    Boys Baby
  • Where's My Water?
    Where's My Water?
    It is a puzzle and casual game in which you have to help a crocodile living underground in the city to attract clean running water because it is a crocodile that loves cleanliness.…
    Puzzle Hypercasual Boys Girls Baby
  • Body Race
    Body Race
    A casual and fun competitive game, the game players will walk to win many tracks of competition, to complete more tasks, to get high rewards, in this game players will try to opera…
    Action Adventure Baby
  • Fruit Melody - Match 3 Games Free 2021
    Fruit Melody - Match 3 Games Free 2021
    Fruit Melody - Match 3 Game Free 2021 is a new free match 3 game designed to be played offline without internet or WIFI.This is a classic 3 in a row time game where you need to col…
    Hypercasual Girls Baby
  • Math games - Brain Training
    Math games - Brain Training
    Math Game Time is free and the app appeals to you at many different grade levels and with many different interests. You can enjoy racing games, logic games, puzzle games, and even …
    Puzzle Hypercasual Baby
  • Colorscapes Plus - Color by Number Coloring Games
    Colorscapes Plus - Color by Number Coloring Games
    Colorscapes Plus - Color by Number, Coloring Games is a coloring game that helps players to relieve the stress in their lives by coloring in numbers, using color and drawing to hel…
    Simulation Hypercasual Girls Baby
  • Bored Button - Games
    Bored Button - Games
    Boring Buttons is a randomly recommended game. When you are bored at school or work, especially when you are very idle and don't know what to do, you have to find something to …
    Puzzle Hypercasual Boys Girls Baby
  • Stacky Bird: Hyper Casual Flying Birdie Dash Game
    Stacky Bird: Hyper Casual Flying Birdie Dash Game
    Stacky Bird game is an animal parkour game adventure game, in this wonderful scene map control your small animal to complete the adventure, in the process you will encounter more d…
    Action Adventure Puzzle Hypercasual Boys Girls Baby 3D