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Toca Life: Hospital
Toca Life: Hospital
  • os: Android version: 1.1.1-play
    updated: June 12, 2018 size: 24MB
  • os: IOS version: 1.1.2
    updated: June 12, 2018 size: 239.8MB
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Explore five floors: the basement level, the entrance level, the lab and treatment level, the home care level and the general care level.

Have your character change floors in the large elevator.

Watch out for germs - they can make your character sick! Doctors can prescribe medications to treat patients.

Expecting a baby? Use the ultrasound on pregnant patients!

Wow, a newborn: welcome the little one into the world!

Diagnose patients with CAT scanners and x-ray machines!

Check the vitals of surgical patients on the medical monitor.

Use all the tools you can find in a real hospital: gurneys, bandages, crutches, hospital beds, wheelchairs and more!

Decipher the codes of the mysterious instruments and explore the mysterious laboratory!

Calm down and say goodbye to a loved one in the farewell room.

Set the tone of the story with the right music, from the heart-stopping hospital theme song to the relaxing, soft tunes.

How To Play

Getting Started

Welcoming a new baby into the world can be both a little scary and a lot less exciting! Share the excitement we feel when we welcome new babies and hand them over to Toca Life! Family members and medical staff, and you can feel the love and care for these little darlings.

The End

Sometimes hospitals have their sad moments, and the farewell room in Toca Life: Hospital gives people who love each other a chance to say goodbye in peace.

And the twists and turns in between

Toca Life: Hospital lets you see what happens in a hospital with tests, X-rays, and other things that tell the story of a fake or real life.

Explore the installations on five floors

In the basement garage, activate the siren on the ambulance or crack the code on a mysterious machine to open the door to the secret lab! On the entrance level, check in at the intake desk, then take a seat in the waiting area or grab a snack from the small cafeteria to pass the time. The consultation level has a variety of tools for diagnosing patients, a lab for examining samples and an operating room. The family care floor has a special unit for children, an obstetrics and gynecology unit with an ultrasound machine, a nursery bed and a new baby! Patients on the general care level have access to a Zen garden to talk and communicate about life. And when a loved one dies, a warm goodbye can be said in the farewell room.


A strategic management game. Enter the game and experience every exciting day in a busy medical center! You'll be welcoming newborns into the world, treating patients, and even saying goodbye to loved ones! In the game, you can experience the joys and sorrows of life in your own way.

The game is a very good and popular management game recently, although the launch has left us a very good impression, but due to the complexity of the gameplay, for newcomers, there are great difficulties in terms of getting started, but you can refer to the game method to play

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