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Giant Rush!
Giant Rush!
  • os: Android version: 1.7.2
    updated: March 14, 2023 size: 248.9 MB
  • os: IOS version: 1.7.2
    updated: Feb 7, 2023 size: 384.7 MB
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Edit Notes

1、Rich raising system, open your own fingertip adventure journey!

2, through the obstacle course, the adventure of the giant into the mythical journey of color!

3, the colorful world, more test players your reaction ability and operational ability!

How To Play

Easy to play, just one hand operation, by sliding the screen to move, move to continuously increase the size of your villain, so that your villain can increase the size, by left and right to and the last enemy to duel

At the end and the enemy villain to fight against

1, in the game to control the character in different scenes of parkour, through the levels to avoid various traps and obstacles.

2、Every obstacle you encounter in the running process needs to be powerfully cleared and turned into a giant to fight with the enemy.

3, the game has a large number of roles for players to choose, and a wealth of play mode for players to choose.


This is a combination of action and parkour elements of the creative small game, all the content in front of you is a kind of obstacle, in the process of touching the run to encounter a variety of obstacles need you to go to the strong removal, until finally and your enemies to start a big battle, the player through the left and right movement to collect the runway villain, the player will become bigger and bigger, the larger the volume, the stronger the player's attack, the stronger the brick wall can break through Higher. After reaching the end, you can also fight with the enemy by quickly clicking, through a flying kick will fly the enemy into the sky! The game is full of combat, beautiful painting style and creative gameplay make the game fun.

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