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Acrylic Nails!
Acrylic Nails!
  • os: Android version: 1.0.1
    updated: June 2 2021 size: 87M
  • os: IOS version: 1.5.1
    updated: Jun 27, 2021 size: 156.5 MB
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Congratulations on your very own nail salon!

It's time to give some hands an acrylic DIY makeover - drill, elongate, shape, and polish some gorgeous nails.

It's up to you to transform your nails with art and give your clients the ultimate nail spa experience. Do you think you're done? No, we're talking about a new level of nail art where you can choose from a wide variety of prints and paints to polish your client's nails!

Each design has to be very concentrated and you must follow the ratio during the color mixing process or you will have a serious color difference.

This game is relatively easy, or recommended, and must ensure customer satisfaction.

How To Play

1、Start with polishing, remove all kinds of broken nails, make nails more smooth and easier to color; realistic simulation of the operating feel, a variety of technical steps in detail, so that everyone is a nail master

2, different color matching, a variety of hot little red book nail graphics, are to learn to make; operation is extremely smooth and interesting, play full of fun, unlock more nail polish, upgrade their own store

3, more communication with the guests, understand each other's needs, in order to make people feel satisfied with the nails.


It's a nail art theme simulation coloring game, in this game you own a nail salon, nail art for your customers, use all kinds of nail art tools and create beautiful nails freely!

Drill, elongate, shape and polish some beautiful nails.

It's up to your art to transform nails and give your clients the ultimate nail spa experience. Think you've done something? No, we're talking about the next level of nail art where you can choose from a variety of prints and pigments to polish your client's nails.

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