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  • os: Android version: 1.09
    updated: June 12, 2020 size: 58M
  • os: IOS version: 1.09
    updated: June 12, 2020 size: 94.7 MB
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Simple and intuitive user interface.

Start your research today.

Fly or walk through endless space.

Your options and possibilities are endless.

Who all came from not knowing anything, what digging pits to build houses, cavemen ... to now knowing the normal operation and living in the home they want, for the first time in their hearts are satisfied.

Although now I do not understand the instruction probably, not good to build a house in the realm of the gods, but I am approaching my goal step by step.

How To Play

1、As a miner and adventurer, you need to build constructions in this 3D cube world using textured cubes.

2、Create your dream home, this professional 3d version can provide you with everything.

3、Explore the world and start to realize your dreams and imagination.

4、Every day is a new challenge.

5、Build a simple house or make the castle of your dreams, everything is in your hands.

6、Get different blocks and make them to get the desired output.


Based on my world to create a new adventure map and open exploration game, where players can easily enjoy a more interesting adventure, the use of collected materials can make different survival tools and weapons, in this unique open world to survive and adventure, enjoy more interesting challenges and fun adventure, more into a variety of open play, so you can freely Create your own world.

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