• Design Home: House Renovation
    Design Home: House Renovation
    A house building casual game in which players will take on the guise of a designer to design their own placement, allowing them to choose the style of their house and put a variety…
    Puzzle Hypercasual
  • Hide My Test!
    Hide My Test!
    The graphics are filled with a rich Japanese comic style, and the characters in the game reveal classic Japanese characteristics in terms of hairstyle, dress, and movement. Players…
    Puzzle Hypercasual
  • Dancing Road: Color Ball Run!
    Dancing Road: Color Ball Run!
    A very interesting agile game, control the ball in the colorful track constantly rolling forward, the color of the ball will constantly change, you need to guide it to hit the same…
    Puzzle Hypercasual
  • Wood Block Puzzle - Free Classic Block Puzzle Game
    Wood Block Puzzle - Free Classic Block Puzzle Game
    A simple picture of the puzzle elimination class fun casual game, the game players will be given from the following three blocks to choose a drag to the box above, if you can combi…
    Puzzle Hypercasual
  • Match 3D - Matching Puzzle Game
    Match 3D - Matching Puzzle Game
    A fun breakout game loved by many players. The graphics of this game are very exquisite, using the classic 3D simulation technology, all the items in the game are designed perfectl…
    Puzzle Hypercasual 3D
  • Snake.io - Fun Addicting Arcade Battle .io Games
    Snake.io - Fun Addicting Arcade Battle .io Games
    A 3D cartoon style to gluttonous snake as the theme of the casual parkour breakthrough game. In the game, players will have to control a default three small balls composed of glutt…
    Puzzle Slither.io
  • Chain Cube: 2048 3D merge game
    Chain Cube: 2048 3D merge game
    A simple casual game, here on the basis of the classic game, and add more interesting gameplay, a variety of shapes and patterns combined together to bring players a more fun exper…
    Puzzle Hypercasual
  • Happy Color™ – Color by Number. Coloring games.
    Happy Color™ – Color by Number. Coloring games.
    A casual decompression fun pattern coloring game, with a lot of colorful colors, players need to a black and white pattern according to your favorite free coloring, exquisite and d…
    Puzzle Hypercasual
  • Garena Free Fire - The Cobra
    Garena Free Fire - The Cobra
    This is the ultimate survival shooter on mobile. Each game places you on a remote island where you are pitted against other players, all seeking to survive. Players freely choose t…
    Action Puzzle
  • Hitmasters
    A new casual shooting game. Have you ever wanted to be a killer, start with simple levels and then move on to some challenging levels, the arsenal is full of weapons waiting for yo…
    Puzzle Hypercasual
  • Supreme Duelist Stickman
    Supreme Duelist Stickman
    A matchmaker themed horizontal fighting game, by controlling the matchmaker to release a variety of moves to fight, the rapid sense of combat people can not stop! It is an action g…
    Puzzle Hypercasual Stickman
  • Puzzles & Survival
    Puzzles & Survival
    This game is very popular, the game will be "three consumption" and "battle" two elements of perfect integration, using a vertical screen game screen, the game …
    Adventure Puzzle Hypercasual
  • Fishdom
    A challenging and fun game with a great story, while decorating your aquarium to create a comfortable and cozy place for the cute little fish to live. Feed the fish, play with them…
    Puzzle Hypercasual 3D
  • Hungry Shark Evolution - Offline survival game
    Hungry Shark Evolution - Offline survival game
    A mobile adventure game about the sea survival plunder, with a very fierce shark as the main character of the game, to bring you a very intense sea survival game, where you will co…
    Puzzle Hypercasual
  • Cat Escape
    Cat Escape
    A mobile game that focuses on cat fun breakthrough gameplay. The more complex the terrain is, the more exciting the adventure will be, what are you waiting for? Difficult, the terr…
    Adventure Puzzle Hypercasual
  • Save them all - drawing puzzle
    Save them all - drawing puzzle
    It is a level design is very interesting, through the drawing to create puzzles, to stop the disaster, tragedy of the small game, the number of levels and not repeated, every time …
    Puzzle Hypercasual 3D
  • Home Pin - How To Loot?
    Home Pin - How To Loot?
    All you need to do is pull the big pins in the right order so that the man can take the money and keep his wife safe from thieves, crazy dogs, ghosts and monsters. Unlock more chap…
    Puzzle Bejeweled Hypercasual
  • Wordscapes
    Get the addictive word game everyone is talking about! Start with an easy, but quick challenge. Can you beat the competition?This modern game combines the best of word search and c…
    Puzzle Hypercasual
  • Granny
    The second part of the popular horror game, the game is still familiar style, but this time to a brand new scene, and a brand new experience, you can withstand it;Interested player…
    Adventure Puzzle Boys
  • Construction Set - Satisfying Constructor Game
    Construction Set - Satisfying Constructor Game
    A casual way puzzle block assembling game, start as a baby architect and assemble all kinds of brick buildings and scenes in this builder game. Take your imagination and fun back t…
    Puzzle Slither.io Hypercasual
  • Stretch Guy
    Stretch Guy
    Stretch Guy is a funny and interesting puzzle game in which the player can control the matchmaker to climb, can you reach the switch on the top of the head? Inside the level, playe…
    Puzzle Hypercasual Stickman 3D