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Candy Crush Saga
Candy Crush Saga
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    updated: February 11, 2021 size: Varies with device
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● Multiple sweet ways to play: target score, limited time levels, drop mode and candy order mode

● Collect fruit candies to help you speed up on the candy trail and win super sweet surprises!

● Spin the daily magic prop lucky wheel to win delicious prizes

● Complete the 50th level to unlock the dream world and escape the real world with Odus the Owl!

● Uncover the delicious candy world and meet super sweet characters!

How To Play

1. Limited points

You must achieve the required number of points to pass the level with a limited number of times. If the points reach or break the required limit, you can get the achievement of three stars. In

2. Jelly clearing

It is to eliminate the transparent jelly laid under the candy, as long as the candy above the jelly is eliminated, the jelly will also disappear with it. In the later levels, the jelly will become thicker and thicker, and there is even frozen jelly, you must repeat the string of jelly above the candy more than twice to completely eliminate the jelly, this type of level also has a move limit.

3. Transport fruit

In this type of level, cherries or apples appear randomly on the board, so you must eliminate the candies below one by one to get the fruits to the bottom. When planning how to eliminate the candies and transport the fruits, you must pay special attention to the maximum number of fruits that can appear on the board at the same time, which will vary from level to level.

4. Time Limit Points

This means that you can earn a certain amount of points within a certain time limit. Since the time limit is very short, you have to eliminate the special candies to pass the level. The most important thing is to be quick and fast in the time limit level, and the fastest way to get 3 stars is to match the special candies.


In the wonderful land of Candy Crush Saga, there are many beautiful and exquisite places waiting for you to visit, and countless sweet and eccentric characters waiting for you to discover! You need to use your wisdom to swap and match all kinds of candies in hundreds of levels, which will be a delicious puzzle adventure. With challenging level maps, sweet and dreamy candy style, rich and interesting sound effects, fast and smooth feel, and the original micro-strategy elimination gameplay, it brings players the highest quality interactive leisure experience! 

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