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Hide My Test!
Hide My Test!
  • os: Android version: 1.2.4
    updated: January 28, 2021 size: 72M
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Edit Notes

1, only have to avoid the grasp of the mother, and can not test the paper was found, you will also break into the level to obtain success.

2, simple and warm game screen, to create a comfortable game environment, can have a pleasant mood.

3、Brainy fun breakthrough mini-game, very magical fun mobile game, easy and interesting.

4, mom and dad every corner of this family is very master, you need to be ready to be fully prepared to be revealed, it is likely to suffer extremely strong punishment.

How To Play

1、Open your brain thinking, and mom battle of wits, to start a different thinking confrontation.

2, the collection of our childhood scenes to design, the 0 test papers hidden in the mother will not find the place it!

3, very strange game play, the player needs to hide a 0 test paper, hurry up and take action.

4, without any advertising implants, to bring users a safe and clean game environment. In addition, the interesting game mode also brings a new experience to the players!


The graphics are filled with a rich Japanese comic style, and the characters in the game reveal classic Japanese characteristics in terms of hairstyle, dress, and movement. Players hide the 0-point test papers reasonably and legally by collecting various resources, tapping into potential channels, and hiding them from their mothers with the help of various props in the levels. The game revolves around the underachieving candidates giving full play to their ability to hide the 0-point test papers in places where their mothers cannot find them, from the toilet at home to the outdoor flowerbeds, from under the bed to the cabinets, any corner where the test papers can be placed is used as a target for the candidates. Let players can really go back to childhood, in the seemingly simple scenes, to find that nostalgic good memories.

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