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  • os: Android version: 1.11.2
    updated: December 30, 2020 size: 80M
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1, as a breakout game, which is still quite a lot of levels, so you can definitely meet the needs of the challenge.       2, each level is carefully designed, there is a lot of content, everyone's experience will definitely be very rich. 

3, there are a lot of character skin waiting for you to unlock, they bring you the effect is also diversified, so it is worth experiencing. 

4, hundreds of shooting weapons, each one looks very cute and funny, special effects are also very much added.

5, for your operation requirements are not high, but for you to break through the skills required quite high.

6, find the right shooting point is very important, this is the key to your success in breaking through.

How To Play

1, and enemy combat do not forget to aim, you can use geometric shooting, the use of wall bounce to attack the enemy. Pay attention to the timely use of different shooting techniques to help you get the victory

2, your enemy's ability is very strong, if you do not shoot the enemy, your enemy will quickly pull out a gun to shoot you. Free adventure in a variety of different places, so you win the game

3, your enemy's accuracy is very strong and his geometry is very good, he can hit you with one shot, you should not give him a chance. A fast shooting casual game for a constant action adventure


A new casual shooting game. Have you ever wanted to be a killer, start with simple levels and then move on to some challenging levels, the arsenal is full of weapons waiting for you, make your decisions wisely, one mistake and your enemies will catch you, don't give them a chance, otherwise, you will your enemies to shoot down, your enemy's marksmanship is world class. You need to complete the task of shooting within the specified time, use weapons to find the most suitable attack, kill the opponents of different platforms in seconds, each weapon is very cute and funny, carefully aim at the opponents that appear in front of you, and then shoot these people through the kill.

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