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Wood Block Puzzle - Free Classic Block Puzzle Game
Wood Block Puzzle - Free Classic Block Puzzle Game
  • os: Android version: 2.2.0
    updated: February 2, 2021 size: 55M
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The game is for players who want to exercise their brains, of course, if you want to kill time can also play this game, very simple, want to master but very difficult!

Great game, fresh and simple, no fancy stuff, recommend joining

Great, there are many similar games on the market, but this game is the best I have played so far, and the experience is great!

Players who like Tetris can also try this game, the gameplay is more challenging

How To Play

Try to place the classic wooden blocks on the board and try to eliminate straight lines or small 3x3 squares on each move, don't let the blocks fill the board.

Find your Zen by balancing between eliminating shapes as quickly as possible and trying to get as many combos and multi-hits as possible.

Fill blocks with rows or columns to eliminate, if there is no space on the board for a given block, the game will end blocks cannot be rotated to eliminate each step as well as bonus points for each row or column in Wooden Block Puzzle - Free Classic Block Puzzle game to score as many points as possible and become the best block obsessed!

Wooden blocks of various shapes. Use strategy to stack blocks made of small cubes on the board to destroy them and leave nothing left on the board.

Colorful themes. Options abound, from minimalist wooden block games to classic wooden block puzzles.

Challenging objectives. Never stop challenging yourself - try to break your own highest score or race against a friend.

Multi-hit. Make yourself a master of the game by eliminating multiple elements in one step.

Combo Hits. Get more points by eliminating elements in several consecutive moves.

Unique mechanics: BlockuDoku aims to be the perfect combination of sudoku and wooden block puzzle games.

Addictive gameplay. Play when you are bored or want to train your brain, anytime and anywhere.


A simple picture of the puzzle elimination class fun casual game, the game players will be given from the following three blocks to choose a drag to the box above, if you can combine into a horizontal or vertical can be eliminated, when can not be dragged to the box when the challenge is over. In this game, players can feel the classic game play, the game has no additional rules, there is no magnificent special effects and time limits, you need is by constantly dragging the wooden blocks to escape, the game play is very simple to understand, so you can easily master this game, if you are interested in this game, may wish to join the wooden block puzzle escape experience it! .

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