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Cat Escape
Cat Escape
  • os: Android version: 13.1.4
    updated: January 30, 2021 size: 64M
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As the level increases, the difficulty becomes greater - stay cautious!

No kittens! Only an above-average IQ can solve all puzzles! 

Enjoy the innocent graphics and guide your cat to victory!

Cat Escape is a classic puzzle escape game that is a lot of fun;

 Cat Escape is a classic puzzle game with a lot of fun; explore the different scenes to avoid getting stuck in the obstacles;

 Cat Escape is a classic puzzle escape game that's a lot of fun; explore different scenes to avoid getting caught in the traps; search hard for clues to solve the real mystery;

 Cat Escape game use your logic and reasoning skills to help the white cat escape from the castle;

How To Play

1, in this game, the picture is a lot of players like the cartoon style.

2, you can go in the game to avoid the search, so that you can pass the game level.

3, each level is very unique, a wealth of levels waiting for you to challenge.

When successfully pass the level you can unlock new scenes, these will be lit in the icon to activate;

The door of the room has been locked, if you can not get the key then you can not leave;

Although it is a static picture however there is a lot of interactivity in it, try more to find a breakthrough.


A mobile game that focuses on cat fun breakthrough gameplay. The more complex the terrain is, the more exciting the adventure will be, what are you waiting for? Difficult, the terrain will become more complex, of course, will also bring more challenges and fun to the player, simple cartoon game graphics style is also a lot of players love ah, go to the game to experience a more exciting adventure it. 

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  • I like it a lot

    by Layla 6 Oct,2022
  • This is the best try this game and roblox

    by Chan Yilen 19 Aug,2021
  • I love this game all my heart❤😍❤

    by anliya 8 Jul,2021

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