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Match 3D - Matching Puzzle Game
Match 3D - Matching Puzzle Game
  • os: Android version: 731
    updated: February 22, 2021 size: 69M
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Edit Notes

1, will take you into the world of chaos, in the game there will be a lot of items need to be classified one by one players

2, test your thinking and reaction power, in the specified time to see if you can pass the level

3, you do not want to tangle on an item or you will be busy, not only test your hand speed also test your thinking ability

4, there is no teammate in this game, randomly assigned challenges, always be careful of their own safety;

5, it is recommended not to participate in the first crown grab, first eliminate potential competitors in the duel;

6, the narrow platform can not well ensure the safety, flexible use of skills is an important guarantee of survival.

How To Play

1、Find the hidden items in the picture, the operation is also very simple, only need to finger click to pass the level, everyone can easily get started.

2、Prepare a variety of different modes to choose from, you can enjoy the game to bring you the fun, can meet different players.

3, beautiful level screen, bring the ultimate visual enjoyment, training your eyesight and attention, to relax your mood.

4, and your friends to share a happy time together, which does not give you stress, but will completely let the pressure to be released.

Each level has different challenges, and you can only "run and run" to avoid the end of the game.

Of course, to win, you must be the first one to reach the finish line.

Full of fun game play, easy to understand the game content and operation.


A fun breakout game loved by many players. The graphics of this game are very exquisite, using the classic 3D simulation technology, all the items in the game are designed perfectly, the gameplay is very simple, players need to make certain distinctions between all the items in the scene, place the same type of items on the platform, and sort all the items to pass the level easily.

Very popular find the difference game, from the cluttered screen to find the target items, complete the challenge of the level, and get points.

The independent leaderboard system allows you to compete with players from all over the world, making it very challenging to play.

Share a fun time with your friends, which will not cause you stress, but will completely release it.

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