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Puzzles & Survival
Puzzles & Survival
  • os: Android version: 7.0.17
    updated: February 9, 2021 size: 144M
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Breaking the tradition of three elimination, recreate the zombie classic.

To use wisdom against spear and strategy as shield.

The organic fusion of three-disappearing leisure entertainment and SLG thinking storm.

Bringing you a brand new experience of the end of the world.

Sanctuary, the last cradle of human civilization.

How To Play

The game's combat mechanics are not complicated, and players will mainly fight through elimination gameplay.

Similar to traditional triple elimination, each game will have 1-3 monsters and 5 operable heroes, and players will attack the monsters through synthetic elimination.

Among them, there is also a certain restraint relationship between different attributes of the square, will cause double the damage to the enemy.

Eliminate four squares that get a grenade, detonating all the squares around it.

Another prop flashbangs, will eliminate all the same attribute blocks on the spot, etc..

At the same time, the energy obtained after elimination will also be absorbed by the heroes of the same attribute, after the accumulation of energy can be operated by the player to release the corresponding skills.

These heroes can also be upgraded and evolved through nurturing, so as to enhance the whole team combat power!


This game is very popular, the game will be "three consumption" and "battle" two elements of perfect integration, using a vertical screen game screen, the game players need to fight through the battle, collection, construction, recruitment and other gameplay, against the doomsday Monsters and some humans.

Here you need to show the unique fighting ability.

Agile operation and new game style, will bring you a different game fun and thrill.

Build a shelter and protect the last hope of mankind!

The new collision of gems and thinking, break the tradition of three elimination, recreate the zombie classic.

The game combines the survival strategy and the three elimination gameplay, allowing players to experience the unique features of this game in a comprehensive gameplay!

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