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Garena Free Fire: 3volution
Garena Free Fire: 3volution
  • os: Android version: 1.0.3
    updated: May 16, 2020 size: 151MB
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Edit Notes

The overall level of the game is very high, from the high-definition picture quality, the overall sense of picture performance and the softness of light and shadow as well as the entire map articulation are very real.

There is also a multiplayer team and single player match on top of the gameplay, so that the game can start at the fastest speed without wasting the player's time, and a variety of classic firearms will also shine here!

1, the game will be the overall picture quality to the extreme, shooting games is the most important thing is the quality of the good or bad!

2, the entire game is very comfortable to operate the feel, the perfect feel of a variety of firearms to the extreme!

3, absolutely wonderful chicken adventure, in the battle of fifty people to survive, this is a contest of intelligence is also a contest of ability!

How To Play

Players are dropped onto a deserted island where there will be plenty of resources for everyone to get.

The rules are simple, whoever survives to the end is the winner. Become the last survivor to eat chicken, restore BattleGrounds classic gameplay.

Defeat every enemy you see, don't miss it if you like Battle Royale. With dozens of players in each game, choose to hide or go for the kill, your survival is up to you! 

Whether you team up with your friends to enter the battlefield, or randomly match passersby. Whether you enter the battlefield with your friends or randomly matched with passersby, you can cross cover with your teammates to survive in the Jedi and eat chicken together!


It is a very interesting battle royale game, different from the traditional 100-player battle, this game has only 50 participants, but it does not affect the game's sense of tension and excitement, the game's picture quality is really the best! The overall smoothness of the action and the shooting experience of the game are perfect. Players are able to create their own characters to fight in the game, and players are dropped onto a deserted island where there will be a lot of resources for everyone to get. The rules are also very simple, who survives to the end instant winner. Defeat every enemy you see, like the battle royale do not miss oh.

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  • nice fee fire

    by akram 13 Oct,2021
  • tåæjhgfg

    by thitima 28 Aug,2021
  • hi it was good

    by ADRIAN MUTERE 22 Aug,2021
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