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  • Chapters: Interactive Stories
    Chapters: Interactive Stories
    It is a typical narrative interactive game that unfolds the story in the form of dialogue, giving the player options at certain points, with different choices leading to different …
  • Coloring Luna - Coloring Book
    Coloring Luna - Coloring Book
    Behind every beautiful story or beautiful scenery there is a sad and poignant story hidden! Coloring Luna" is a beautiful casual puzzle coloring game. The game graphics can de…
  • Penny & Flo: Finding Home
    Penny & Flo: Finding Home
    This is a set of three elimination and management of the American Q cute cartoon style casual game, can be said to be the most conscience of similar games, not only quite fun, but …
    Adventure Puzzle
  • The Ancestral Legacy!
    The Ancestral Legacy!
    A visual horror novel game. You will progress through the game's story, interact with characters, and experience mystery, horror and excitement. Experience a wide range of epis…
    Adventure Hypercasual
  • Valkyrie Idle
    Valkyrie Idle
    A game with a dimensional painting style, a perfect game style, a variety of colors, different game skills, a free game, physical stimulation, a game game like no other, because it…
    Role-Playing Hypercasual
  • Before Your Eyes
    Before Your Eyes
    Embark on an exciting first-person adventure. Players can control the direction of the story and influence the final outcome by blinking their eyes. Dive into the world of memories…
    Adventure Hypercasual
  • Words Story - Addictive Word Game
    Words Story - Addictive Word Game
    Words story game is a matchmaker puzzle escape game, the game of matchmaker was put in prison, but it is wrongly accused, so you need to help it successfully escape from prison, ac…
    Hypercasual 3D
  • Unholy Adventure: point and click story game
    Unholy Adventure: point and click story game
    A point-and-click adventure game that offers thousands of storyline puzzles to play, the terrifying Sanctuary of Evil will provide you with a surreal and creepy story-rich adventur…
  • The Big Farm Theory
    The Big Farm Theory
    Farm Story is a very well-made simulation game, the story takes place in a farm in the western United States, as the owner of the farm you need to continue to expand their estate, …
  • Sproutle: Puzzle Pet Story
    Sproutle: Puzzle Pet Story
    Sproutle: Puzzle Pet Story is a casual game based on elimination, with many levels to challenge and coins to exchange for more items to help you on your adventures.
  • Happy Mall Story: Sim Game
    Happy Mall Story: Sim Game
    Happy Mall Story: Sim Game is a fun simulation game. You can set up your favorite stores, play your creativity, arrange the building pattern as you like, and create your own beauti…
    Simulation Hypercasual
  • Marys Life: A Makeover Story
    Marys Life: A Makeover Story
    Mary's Life: A Makeover Story is a mobile game that integrates a variety of gameplay such as triple elimination, makeover, and plot, etc. Players can experience a more interest…
  • Time Princess: Story Traveler
    Time Princess: Story Traveler
    Time Princess is a wonderfully fun dress-up game where you can play the role of a time-traveling protagonist and play your own story in a different time and space! A large number o…
  • Dreamland Story: Match 3
    Dreamland Story: Match 3
    Dreamland Story is a charming game with easy-to-understand gameplay, cartoonish graphics, classic horizontal game play and many levels to challenge you.
  • Adventure Reborn: story game
    Adventure Reborn: story game
    An adventure puzzle-solving mobile game, Adventure Reborn game background is set in the environment of the end of the world, rich scene design, players will use the first-person pe…
    Adventure Hypercasual
  • Blue Archive
    Blue Archive
    A two-dimensional mobile game challenge and development game. Players can choose to cultivate their favorite characters and show their superb operating skills in various levels. Th…
    Role-Playing Hypercasual
  • Tiny Bang Story-point & click!
    Tiny Bang Story-point & click!
    A very brain-consuming puzzle game, this game is transplanted from the console of the same name. The game tells the story of a small planet hit by the epidemic that is in crisis. Y…
    Adventure Puzzle Hypercasual
  • Comics Bob
    Comics Bob
    It's a girl dating simulator, the style is very funny, players need to help the caveman dating, and overcome the various problems encountered in dating, in the process there ar…
  • The Game of Life
    The Game of Life
    A very good game to play, very interesting fun simulation game, you will enter the world of the game to experience a different life, experience the incredible plot story, with the …
    Adventure Hypercasual
    A mysterious, black and white to show the spooky world of the puzzle horror game, the main axis of this game does not have any story elements through the string, and does not even …
    Action Adventure
  • State of Survival: The Walking Dead Collaboration
    State of Survival: The Walking Dead Collaboration
    Players make different choices that lead to many different story lines. In Heavy Rain, players control four characters as they hunt for a notorious child murderer. The game has cin…
    PUBG Action Adventure