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Penny & Flo: Finding Home
Penny & Flo: Finding Home
  • os: Android version: 1.37.1
    updated: August 23, 2021 size: 137M
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-Refurbish and decorate your mansion with unique rooms related to the story!

-Match the pieces and solve hundreds of addictive puzzles!

-Enjoy the twists and turns in the storyline and discover hidden secrets and mysteries along the way!

-Explore the mansion with hidden objects to unlock hidden areas

-Relax and experience a story full of fun and heartfelt dialogue!

Enjoy the twists and turns of the storyline and uncover hidden secrets along the way

Experience a story full of fun and heartfelt dialogue

Explore the mansion with hidden objects to unlock hidden areas

Match pieces and solve hundreds of addictive puzzles

How To Play

Bright and colourful levels, one finger games and satisfying POWER-UP animations!

Plan and decorate a variety of rooms, including living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and many other rooms in your home!

Enjoy the puzzle game, which gets progressively more difficult as you progress through the levels!

Your main task is to renovate your home with dozens of different furniture items and tools to renovate the rooms with these customisation options;

It shouldn't be too difficult for you to start your room renovation project, interacting with Penny and Flo in conversation and recreating the glory of the past;

There are many hidden areas to discover, find hundreds of different decorations and choose your favourite furniture to decorate;

Enjoy a puzzle game full of exciting stories and start your makeover now! 


This is a set of three elimination and management of the American Q cute cartoon style casual game, can be said to be the most conscience of similar games, not only quite fun, but also no advertising Oh, plus the beautiful environment, play the game is a pleasure. Love? Friendship? Mansions? Confusion? Yes! Penny & Flo: Finding Home has it all. Renovate the mansion and solve challenging puzzles with this fun and light-hearted free triple elimination game!

Help Penny and Flo renovate the former Hollywood actress' mansion to its former glory and match the pieces to solve the puzzles. Dig into a story full of twists and turns as Penny and Flo make friends through a colourful cast of characters. Match the pieces and start your mansion makeover - play with themed boosters and renovate mansion rooms with dozens of customisation options!

Discover hidden mansion areas and choose from hundreds of furnishings for your mansion decorating project! Sit back, relax and enjoy this puzzle game full of exciting stories! Start the makeover now!

Solve challenging exploding puzzles to uncover the story of Penny and Flo, unlock hidden areas and decorate the mansion. Relax, sit back and enjoy this exciting story!

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