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Subway Surfers
Subway Surfers
  • os: Android version: 2.13.3
    updated: February 12, 2021 size: 177M
  • os: IOS version: 2.13.4
    updated: Feb 23, 2021 size: 331.3 MB
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Edit Notes

Rich game levels, start your game journey

The operation of the game is very simple, no complicated operation, the

Good design, high-definition picture quality

Simple game operation fun game play really makes people want to stop!

With a clear game goal, giving people a great sense of achievement

How To Play

- Sprint as hard as you can!

- Dodge oncoming trains!

- Help advanced, skilled and inexperienced newcomers escape from the aggressive inspectors and their pit bulls.

- Build trains with calm and steady teammates!

- Decorate trains and paint them in vivid, fun HD! - Hoverboard and surf! - Decorate the activated jetpack!

- Lightning fast slamming stunts!

- Challenge and help your teammates! Join the App Stores' most daring chase game1

A universal app with HD optimized graphics to relieve visual fatigue.


Subway Runner is a classic parkour game with gorgeous and exquisite graphics, a wide range of colors to make people feel comfortable, and very smooth and clean in operation. Help the main character avoid the grumpy police and his dog by simply swiping up, down, left and right to avoid obstacles and oncoming trains. In the air you can also change direction left and right, and you can also double-tap the screen to bring up the skateboard, which is equivalent to adding a life in a limited time. The game also contains a variety of props such as spring shoes.

Subway Surfers Subway Runner China tour came to the historic Dunhuang! The Subway Surfers version features two new Dunhuang characters, General Huai'an and the flying beauty of the murals. Subway Surfers' Jack has already taken you on a tour of the world's largest cities, and we hope that Subway Surfers will bring you the best of both worlds. Subway Runner can bring more fun to the game.

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