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Sniper 3D: Fun Free Online FPS Shooting Game
Sniper 3D: Fun Free Online FPS Shooting Game
  • os: Android version: 3.27.1
    updated: February 11, 2021 size: 135M
  • os: IOS version: 3.27.0
    updated: Feb 14, 2021 size: 447.1 MB
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Edit Notes

1, the level task is very much, in different scenes free to challenge the enemy, each level has different characteristics.

2, in the city of high-rise buildings for themselves to find the most favorable sniper position, with the building cover quickly eliminate the target.

How To Play

1, realistic perspective, high-definition graphics, realistic simulation of the sniper scene; multiple tactical missions, get excellent shooting rewards like avatars.

2, complete the designated sniper mission, you will be able to unlock more weapons and equipment; aim and knock down criminals, realistic and attractive game

3, huge map, players can freely explore, find the right place to ambush, amazing game, top environment, great control


This is a counter-terrorism theme shooting game, in the game, the player plays a very cool blocker, you can choose the favorite sniper rifle to start the battle, with high sniper skills to eliminate terrorists, as soon as you find the location of the target to fire directly, quickly find the enemy and kill them to protect the safety of hostages! In the game, support players to use different blocking weapons to help them complete their tasks

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