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  • Postknight 2
    Postknight 2
    A role-playing game, the player plays a postman in the game, because monsters are invading all over the world, so every postman needs to clean up the monsters on the way to deliver…
    Role-Playing Hypercasual
  • King Party : Multiplayer Game
    King Party : Multiplayer Game
    A very interesting casual adventure party game, participate in mini multiplayer parties with friends, and easily experience the fun of breaking through levels! In the King's Pa…
    Action Hypercasual
    A simulation game. In the Desert Paradise game, players will cultivate and discover new species on an uninhabited desert island. Everything in the game will wax and wane over time,…
    Simulation Hypercasual
  • Idle Cook–Food Restaurant Game
    Idle Cook–Food Restaurant Game
    An idle management food game. Here, you will run your own food empire! Do you dream of owning your own gourmet restaurant and be the one to change your destiny? Build your own busi…
    Simulation Hypercasual
  • My Perfect Hotel
    My Perfect Hotel
    A simulation management game, in which players will experience free hotel management gameplay. You can upgrade your store and cook delicacies from all over the world, allowing you …
    Simulation Hypercasual
  • Rec Room - Play with friends!
    Rec Room - Play with friends!
    A free cross-platform social app that can be played on a variety of devices. Users can play games, chat, and explore rooms created by other players with friends from all over the w…
    Simulation Hypercasual
  • Wolf Tales - Wild Animal Sim
    Wolf Tales - Wild Animal Sim
    A real 3D wild wolf simulation game for mobile phones, with an ultra-realistic physics engine. Players can experience cultivation, simulation, construction, pvp and other gameplays…
    Simulation Hypercasual
  • Cooking Adventure - Diner Chef
    Cooking Adventure - Diner Chef
    A simulation development game. Cook delicious meals and desserts from all over the world in this free addictive time management game! Show your stuff and feed hungry bellies. With …
    Simulation Cooking Hypercasual
  • Power Rangers: Legacy Wars
    Power Rangers: Legacy Wars
    A fun side-scrolling action fighting mobile game. The game is based on the classic tokusatsu film "Power Rangers", so characters and villains from historical TV series wi…
    Action Hypercasual
  • SimCity BuildIt
    SimCity BuildIt
    A very fun and interesting construction simulation game. The biggest task of the player is to meet the daily needs of all citizens in the city within a fixed range of land. From th…
    Simulation Hypercasual
  • Idle Casino Manager - Tycoon
    Idle Casino Manager - Tycoon
    A game management game with a gambling hall as the theme. In the game, players play the role of the casino manager. In the game, you not only have to run the gambling hall, but als…
    Simulation Hypercasual
  • Hot Slide
    Hot Slide
    A racing mobile game that is popular all over the world, the Chinese name of the Chinese server is also called Juechen Drift, which is literally translated as hot slide. The key po…
    GTA Hypercasual
  • Animals & Coins Adventure Game
    Animals & Coins Adventure Game
    An adventure action game based on exploring the animal world and collecting gold coins. In the game, players will go on an adventure to the animal island, build their own kingdom, …
    Adventure Hypercasual
  • Pokémon Masters EX
    Pokémon Masters EX
    A new RPG mobile game with the theme of "Pokémon". In "Pokémon Masters", famous trainers and their partner Pokémon from the past "Pokémon" series will…
    Role-Playing Hypercasual
  • My Talking Tom 2
    My Talking Tom 2
    From action games to puzzle games, there's everything here to keep minigame lovers entertained. Tomcat has multiplayer minigames for the first time! Can you beat your friends i…
  • Pou
    Is a very interesting nurturing game, players in the game will adopt a strange alien friend, but the peculiar thing is that it will grow into a thousand different pou depending on …
    Simulation Hypercasual
  • Chat Master!
    Chat Master!
    A casual simulation game with simple gameplay. Here, players can talk about their happy and unhappy things, and the one-on-one communication method helps you to relieve your worrie…
    Hypercasual Social
  • Parking Jam 3D
    Parking Jam 3D
    A parking type puzzle game, in this all surrounded parking lot to move all the vehicles out of it, use your clever brain, solve the game in a variety of moving process, so you can …
    Puzzle Hypercasual
  • Perfect Date 3D
    Perfect Date 3D
    A casual puzzle simulation game. Are you looking to flirt and pick up someone? Or find the perfect lifelong partner? Whether you've been in a relationship or not, it's up t…
    Puzzle Hypercasual Social 3D
  • Dragons: Titan Uprising
    Dragons: Titan Uprising
    This game is adapted from the anime How to Train Your Dragon. Friends who have watched How to Train Your Dragon must be very familiar with the plot in the movie. This mobile game f…
    Role-Playing Puzzle Hypercasual
  • Stealth Master - Assassin Ninja Game
    Stealth Master - Assassin Ninja Game
    A relatively good mobile assassin master casual challenge game, you are an assassin, you know martial arts, take your katana, in different golden man, and opponents to fight, defea…
    Action Hypercasual