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Parking Jam 3D
Parking Jam 3D
  • os: Android version: 0.51.1
    updated: February 18, 2021 size: 93M
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1, the ultimate parking approach, in this new parking story to experience a different kind of exciting and parking adventure.

2, in a variety of constantly appearing content and plot to play their own role, and constantly to drift adventure.

3, different colors different dazzling, a variety of different skills and content, and racing can be for you to choose.

4, this is a very interesting mobile game, in this game players will feel a completely different fun.

5, you need to go to the game of the car to re-park, will be obstacles to move away.

6, the order of movement is very critical, the gameplay is also more simple, is a very good mobile game.

How To Play

Multiple game levels, many different challenges

Extremely difficult parking challenges that will consume your time

Simple puzzle gameplay, just control your finger to move

Just tap the screen to send the cars into the parking lot, but don't hit the moving train;

Look for opportunities to send as many cars at once as possible and keep breaking through the levels;

The game has a wealth of levels, and the difficulty will get higher later on, testing the player's hand speed.


A parking type puzzle game, in this all surrounded parking lot to move all the vehicles out of it, use your clever brain, solve the game in a variety of moving process, so you can smoothly control your vehicle parked into it!

Break the break! You are parking the parking lot!

Now it's time to leave the parking lot, but why is everyone else's car on the road? You need to move them ...... but hold on! It's important to do it in the right order because these narrow parking lots have a lot of obstacles! Can you solve this tricky parking puzzle and get all the cars on the road? 

In this fun and colorful game, you will challenge your logic skills, critical thinking and timing accuracy. There are many beautiful car colors and patterns to unlock to keep you on your toes. Flip cars on the road (or upside down on each other if you pick them up in the wrong order, that

(That's great!) What are you waiting for? Challenge your brain with this tricky game now!

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