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Cooking Adventure - Diner Chef
Cooking Adventure - Diner Chef
  • os: Android version: 64301
    updated: November 10, 2023 size: 860.1 MB
  • os: IOS version: 6.43.1
    updated: Nov 8, 2023 size: 860.1 MB
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Cook delicious dishes from all over the world and serve them to guests at the right time in business simulation game;

There are a variety of specialty shops and hundreds of dishes waiting for you to explore, including barbecue restaurants, sushi restaurants, coffee shops and noodle shops;

If more customers come to visit, the store can be renovated and upgraded. Let's start our journey towards restaurant tycoon.

How To Play

1. In the official game of Cooking Adventure, players need to make various types of food for guests who come to dine in the store. These foods have some differences. Players must pay attention to the correct method and heat when making them. Mastery, these are very important players must pay attention to;

2. The preparation of food in the game takes a certain amount of time. If we do not take it off the grill in time after the food is made, the food will be burnt due to long-term heating. Such food will be burned. It can only be thrown away, players should be careful not to burn the food;

3. In the game, players can also use gold coins and diamonds to upgrade our cooking utensils. After the kitchen utensils are upgraded, we can make several foods at the same time, which greatly shortens the waiting time of guests, so that we can cook more quickly. Complete the mission and pass the level;

4. In the game, players must pay attention to the steak making process when making steak (you can see the doneness the customer wants from the red bar box), and also note that each customer wants a different steak. Depending on the degree of cooking, players must pay attention to making the food correctly, otherwise the guests will not want it.

In the game, players must pay attention to using the props correctly to help us pass the level quickly, so that we can get more gold coins to realize our dreams.


A simulation development game. Cook delicious meals and desserts from all over the world in this free addictive time management game! Show your stuff and feed hungry bellies. With 4 unique locations to choose from, from Pasta House, Cafe, Grill House to Sushi House, you'll be able to practice your skills in a variety of settings and cooking techniques. Upgrade your kitchen appliances and produce a greater variety of dishes. Hear their gasps and cheers as you try to profit from each exciting episode!

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