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King Party : Multiplayer Game
King Party : Multiplayer Game
  • os: Android version: 0.0.40
    updated: Aug 22, 2023 size: 481.2 MB
  • os: IOS version: 1.6
    updated: Aug 28, 2023 size: 481.2 MB
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Edit Notes

1. Purchase exquisite costumes in various game malls and dress up your own cute little character;

2. Customize your own room and invite your friends to fight and take risks together;

3. Obtain various honors, achievement badges, etc. According to different points, players can challenge various roles.

How To Play

1. In the game "King's Party", if you use multiple skills, you must make your hero more powerful;

2. More choices and different methods, integrating diverse processing methods, enjoy this convenient form;

3. The time here is strictly changed according to the changes of the four seasons in real life and the transformation of the sun, moon and stars;

4. Party carnival: start your own party, or join someone else’s party to show yourself and share the joy!


A very interesting casual adventure party game, participate in mini multiplayer parties with friends, and easily experience the fun of breaking through levels! In the King's Party international server, players will compete with players from all over the world to be the first winner to cross the line! There are many different maps waiting for you to challenge, each map is a new way to play, the game of smart strategy and flexible operation of fingertips are very important, survival to the end will win the victory.

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