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  • Temple Run 2
    Temple Run 2
    This most classic parkour game should be the first parkour game or even mobile game that many players are exposed to, the most excellent game in 11 years, as 2 generations in the o…
    Adventure Hypercasual
  • Temple Run
    Temple Run
    Temple Run Magic Wizard is a new infinite escape mobile game where players need to leave the screaming flying baboons behind and traverse the land by turning, jumping and sliding. …
    Adventure Hypercasual
  • Faraway 2
    Faraway 2
    A temple escape game full of new challenges and mysterious puzzles, where you can challenge your brain, observe the environment, collect items, manipulate equipment and solve perpl…
    Puzzle Hypercasual
  • Bingo Pop Free Live Multiplayer Bingo Board Games
    Bingo Pop Free Live Multiplayer Bingo Board Games
    Play the classic Bingo game now, we have all the winning patterns you know like straight lines, diagonals and four corners. Play the game in real time with friends and family using…
    Hypercasual 3D
  • Faraway: Puzzle Escape
    Faraway: Puzzle Escape
    An adventure puzzle game that takes you on a journey from deserts and oases to the ancient, broken ruins of a mysterious civilization. The ruins are built with traps and puzzles. C…
    Puzzle Hypercasual
  • Super Mario Run
    Super Mario Run
    One-handed operation, the new Mario. Tap to operate the Mario that keeps running. With the tap timing is different, make a variety of handsome jumping action, while collecting gold…
  • Ninja Dash Run - Epic Arcade Offline Games 2021
    Ninja Dash Run - Epic Arcade Offline Games 2021
    Ninja Dash Run - Epic Arcade Offline Games 2021 is a marvel time killer experience with amazing anime graphics, you only have to tap and swipe to kill your demons enemies while you…
  • Fun Run 3 - Multiplayer Games
    Fun Run 3 - Multiplayer Games
    Fun Run 3 is one of the best online multiplayer racing gamesGet ready to run in a fun running game with more action-packed madness than ever before. Get into battles, crash and win…
  • Shortcut Run
    Shortcut Run
    The latest parkour game by voodoo, players need to pick up the boards under the feet, with these materials to build a road, of course, other people can also pick up ready-made chea…
    Action Adventure Hypercasual
  • Jumanji: Epic Run
    Jumanji: Epic Run
    Jumanji Epic Run is a 3D parkour adventure game, in which players will once again enter the world of jumanji, to play four different characters to start your new adventure. Escape …
    Puzzle Hypercasual Boys 3D
  • Gummy Bear Run
    Gummy Bear Run
    Gummy Bear Runis a puzzle game with cannons, jumping platforms, and bomb tiles to help you pass the level, and puddles, nails, and barbed sticks to reduce Poof's life value. Su…
  • Talking Tom Hero Dash - Run Game
    Talking Tom Hero Dash - Run Game
    A tom cat theme parkour racing game, using a sophisticated cartoon style, fun breakthrough mode, players need to control the tom cat flexible position, collect gold coins and props…
    Action Puzzle
  • Rooftop Run
    Rooftop Run
    Rooftop Run game screen is super real, the player needs to control the character in a variety of high rooftops on the parkour escape, a variety of obstacles waiting for you here, s…
  • Red Ball Super Run
    Red Ball Super Run
    Red ball super run is a great breakthrough game, rich and diverse game elements, hundreds of game levels, a different visual feast, dodge the obstacles in the game, quickly learn m…
  • Om Nom: Run
    Om Nom: Run
    Om Nom: Run game is a main fun parkour content of the mobile game. Rich parkour scenes plus props set to bring you a better experience? Enjoy the casual fun of the game, you can al…
  • Gun Action - Shoot n Run
    Gun Action - Shoot n Run
    Gun Action - Shoot n Run is a very thrilling shooting action game. Here originally peaceful and quiet, but the sudden appearance of strange creatures interfered with the happy and …
  • BoBoiBoy Galaxy Run
    BoBoiBoy Galaxy Run
    A very interesting parkour action game, using the classic horizontal version of the arcade adventure game, operate the character with one finger to run challenges, pass through num…
    Action Hypercasual
  • Cats Resto
    Cats Resto
    Run a restaurant, where the chefs, waiters and bosses are all cats. Cute and real 3D cats will run with you. Control your army of feline chefs to cook as many dishes as possible be…
    Simulation Hypercasual
  • Fun Run 4 - Multiplayer Games
    Fun Run 4 - Multiplayer Games
    A fun parkour game. The operation is simple and players can get started easily. The game has a variety of tasks and challenges, maintaining high playability. Players can use a vari…
    GTA Hypercasual
  • Pencil Rush 3D
    Pencil Rush 3D
    The world needs a little color! Don't you think? Pencil Runner 3D is a 3D fun runner game in which you will play as a pencil to run, each pencil is made with 3D modeling techno…
    Hypercasual Girls 3D
  • Giant Rush!
    Giant Rush!
    This is a combination of action and parkour elements of the creative small game, all the content in front of you is a kind of obstacle, in the process of touching the run to encoun…
    Action Hypercasual