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  • os: Android version: 13.00.0-13649811-Android
    updated: June 9, 2020 size: 355MB
  • os: IOS version: 12.61
    updated: May 26, 2020 size: 238.8MB
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1、Randomly appear areas to make the adventure more exciting;

2、Pure sandbox adventure combat, survival, shooting, driving and other elements;

3、Large 3D scene map, the same proportion of free shrinkage, small map mode

Fortnite will add support for four ray-tracing features for a more immersive gaming experience, including.

● Ray-traced reflections - reproduces the way light reflects off smooth and metallic surfaces, including smooth, natural mirrors such as windows.

● Ray-traced shadows - accurately simulates shadows on a large number of surfaces while enhancing surface and contact details and fixing issues associated with traditional shading techniques.

● Ray-traced global lighting - Calculate global lighting with vastly improved accuracy, illuminating Fortnite environments, players, and characters with unprecedented detail, fidelity, and clarity.

● Light-tracking Ambient Light Occlusion - Where objects or surfaces meet, light is occluded, creating subtle shadows that can highlight the finest surface details.

How To Play

1. Familiar with the terrain: familiar with the terrain of each area helps a lot to improve marksmanship, as an escape game, you may encounter combat at any time, so familiar with the terrain is very important. For example, in the city buildings have high and low, after familiar with the terrain, you can know which places are the highest, wide field of vision, suitable for ambush crouching.

2. weapon shooting skills: different weapons due to performance differences, the usage is also different. In the use of shotgun frontal gun, the reason why the hit chance is low, because many people like to jump and play. The rifle M4 to point and shoot mainly, the middle distance crouching point two shots to walk two steps, do not even shoot. Sniper rifle shooting aiming height is slightly elevated. The submachine gun is nothing to say, close range aiming down on the line. The recoil will make the collimator jump upward, so wait for the pistol collimator to return to its original position in the second shot.

3. Reactivity: reactivity is also important for marksmanship, many people's general marksmanship is the reason why the reaction is too sluggish. If you react too fast, you can quickly determine the direction of the enemy according to the ballistics, and make the correct response measures independently.


The game has the basic chicken gameplay, adding more characteristic building elements, through the collection of materials, you can build a fortress, both to play the role of a bunker, but also to obtain a favorable attack terrain. Fortnite" allows you to experience a different kind of chicken fun besides just shooting and shady.

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