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  • The Big Farm Theory
    The Big Farm Theory
    Farm Story is a very well-made simulation game, the story takes place in a farm in the western United States, as the owner of the farm you need to continue to expand their estate, …
  • Fluffy Sheep Farm
    Fluffy Sheep Farm
    A small game with a super healing simulation ranch management style. In the game, players can freely raise some cute little goats, and then help them grow up quickly by feeding the…
  • Horse Riding Tales - Wild Pony
    Horse Riding Tales - Wild Pony
    A horse-themed mobile game in which players will act as equestrian enthusiasts and experience horse breeding, training, equestrian competition and other activities in an open world…
    Action Hypercasual
  • Farming Simulator 23 NETFLIX
    Farming Simulator 23 NETFLIX
    A simulation business game with the theme of farm management. In the game, players have to manage a manor of their own, where they can grow a variety of crops, breed animals, etc. …
    Simulation Hypercasual