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Originally the gameplay has been relatively simple, the operation is really convenient, touch screen as if born for this kind of construction game, but that's it, even an enemy, even if you build a dream world, as if it lacks life ...... game guidance is not enough, even if you start to feel more fresh, soon you will feel bored. Soon you will feel bored, although there are still some hidden elements in the game, but after finding you will not feel much excitement, there is no improvement and help to the experience. Of course, for many players, "My World" is not all fun, in a short period of time to build a house, or even humanistic monuments, but also quite a sense of accomplishment, if it is with friends, especially men and women together to build a dream house, but even more satisfying, the game provides elements is extremely rich

How To Play

The left button controls the action of the character, the right button is the attack button, players can collect all kinds of props to synthesize the items they need

1. Enter the game, select GET CONTENT.

2. Select PRIVATE.

3. After that, you can see the archive file you just put in, touch it to select the archive file name.

4. Select DOWNLOAD.

5. Now you can see the archive reading process.

6. Return to the main menu of the game, touch and select the archive QIXIE9, and then select PLAY.

7. This will enter the archive QIXIE9 to start the game.


Survivalcraft is an RPG developed with MINECRAFT. You are stranded on a deserted island and need to keep exploring, mining minerals, researching crafts and weapons, using traps and so on to protect yourself, building a shelter at night to rest, and you can share your achievements with players around the world. You can also switch between first-person and third-person perspectives. The core experience of the game is unlimited freedom to build at will. Build whatever you want, and you can even build with friends over your local network.

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