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Zombie Tsunami
Zombie Tsunami
  • os: Android version: 4.5.100
    updated: April 20, 2022 size: 72M
  • os: IOS version: 4.5.94
    updated: Feb 28, 2022 size: 215.5 MB
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Edit Notes

1. Grow your team and make it an invincible army!

2、End the life of just running around!

3、Lead the zombie army around the world!

4、Rich props, each characteristic hat, enjoy the fun of the game! 5、Invincible zombie army, clear the road obstacles!

How To Play

In the game players will have a team of gluttonous snake zombies, your zombies will be attacked and the team members will be constantly reduced.

By completing various tasks in the game, you can earn a wealth of gold coins that can be used to upgrade your zombies.

Players will need to collect various brains to unlock more game content and experience an exciting game.


The zombie scream is a very fun zombie theme adventure survival game, the game cartoon cute game style, the player needs to control the zombie to eat humans to get their own zombie group members, super special game scenes content gameplay waiting for you to unlock.

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  • its very good

    by deutsh 25 Sep,2022

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