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Who is? Brain Teaser & Tricky Riddles
Who is? Brain Teaser & Tricky Riddles
  • os: Android version: 1.3.4
    updated: January 27, 2021 size: 81M
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1, in this puzzle game your brain will face a variety of strange and bizarre puzzles and riddles to test, some will make your brain turn around. You have to break the routine to find a brilliant solution.

 2, this game art style chic, animation fun, can let you get a great user experience. You have to crack all kinds of strange puzzles, such as guessing who is the mother, who is cheating or who is a couple with whom. You have to look for clues to discover hidden secrets and solve complex puzzles.

 3, you can play this free mobile game anytime and anywhere, and you can easily complete all the puzzle operations with one hand, so you can enjoy this game without much effort. The level puzzles are only related to logic, no test of reaction, and no need to shake the phone.

How To Play

● Levels of mystery solving and clue finding: Who is lying? Who is the mother? Who is the killer?

● Dozens of levels filled with tricky and crazy riddles. ● Complex scenarios and gameplay based on choice.

● Professional graphics and animations. ● Immersive and fun sound effects. ●A great game to develop brain skills and IQ. ●Interesting story and characters. ●Humor-filled levels. ●Clue detection system for complex puzzle fans. ●Find hidden object levels to test your perception.


Who is? Brain Teaser & Riddles is a completely free puzzle game that will challenge your mind and brain. Each level consists of difficult options, riddles, puzzles and questions. You will solve complex puzzles by finding clues, objects and hidden secrets. As you go deeper and deeper, solving more and more brain-burning puzzles, the game will become more and more difficult and challenging.

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