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Whiteout Survival
Whiteout Survival
  • os: Android version: 1.4.3
    updated: Feb 9, 2023 size: 464.9 MB
  • os: IOS version: 1.4.3
    updated: Feb 9, 2023 size: 464.9 MB
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Edit Notes

1, the background of the game appeared in the sudden drop in global temperatures, facing many crises is very exciting;.

2, the player needs to come in this extremely cold weather world to build human shelter, full of crisis.

3, step by step development to become a place of survival in this world, so that more humans can live in this long cold winter.

How To Play

1, the open map of the ice world, where to open the challenge of survival, full of various hardships.

2, resource collection to build weapons, different crises to overcome, better survive in the end.

3, random events constantly, make your choice, against a large number of enemies, more painful.


White out survival is a strategic survival game, the background is set in the ice world, here is the only survival of the city, where efforts to build, lead the people to survive, build a strong base, collect many resources and materials, to resist enemy invasion, to deal with a variety of unexpected events, the environment is quite harsh, full of hardships, waiting for you to complete.

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