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    updated: December 21, 2020 size: 67.11 MB
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    updated: December 21, 2020 size: 415.73 MB
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- Scoring system: As long as one of them wins, the rest of the players have to start the settlement and calculate the total number of points from the unplayed cards in their hands, and the one with the most points loses. (Normal cards are scored according to the numbers above, "skip", "spin", "+2" cards are scored 10 points, and all color-changing cards are scored 50 points each)

- Elimination system: If one person wins a multiplayer game, the game continues. In other words, if one of the four players wins, the game will continue as a three-player game, and the three-player game will continue as a two-player game, and the final eliminator will be chosen.

How To Play

1、Grab: If a player has a card in his hand with the exact same number of cards played on the table (the same color and the same word), he can play the card first without following the order after shouting "grab", so that the skipped player loses a chance to play, and continue to play in the order of the player who grabbed the card.

2, stacked cards: If there are two or more cards with the same number or function (+2, skip, spin) in your hand, you can play all of them (this game can not be used for grabbing cards), the number of "skip" cards determines how many people are skipped, and "spin" is determined in the same way. "+2" stacking. The player specifies the color of the next player's card in the played cards.

3、Transfer: If the top player plays "+2" or "+4" and the player has a "skip" or "spin" card of the same color in his hand "If the player has the same function (the same color is not necessary), he can also play to continue the transfer. Skip" is for skipping to punish your next player, "Spin" is for transferring to punish your top player.

When "+4" is played after "spin", the top player is penalized with 4 cards to stop playing and reverses the order of play, but the color specified when "+4" is played is valid.


UNO is a puzzle game produced and published by Ubisoft Entertainment. It's a classic game that everyone will fall in love with as soon as they play it! UNO is back with a whole new set of features, including video chat support and a fun new theme system! Play cards by matching colors or numbers, or use action cards to change the face of the cards. Compete against other players in classic games to see who can play their hand first, or with a variety of customizable special rules and matching settings, you and your friends are guaranteed a new experience every time you play! Plus, get ready for a brand new theme system with never-before-seen theme cards that will revolutionize the way you play! Interested players, join it now!

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  • a mi me gusta el uno jugarlo por que me divierte y ademas y gano muchas partidas gano cuando juego al uno

    by brandon 18 Jun,2021

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