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Turbo Dismount
Turbo Dismount
  • os: Android version: 1.43.0
    updated: April 26, 2019 size: 84M
  • os: IOS version: 1.34.0
    updated: Oct 7, 2021 size: 331.2 MB
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Edit Notes

1,Cartoon 3D style painting style magic full of gameplay;

2, Free to drive the vehicle rampage to create serious car accidents;

3,Use all kinds of skills to do damage and get high score;

4,Dynamic and passionate game background music immersive experience;

How To Play

1. Starting with the first injury your character takes, every fracture in every part of your character is recorded.

2. You can ride a small sheep electric car with a large truck or jump out of the window of a car while it is moving.

3. The sound of breaking bones can be brutal, and this game is a great way to make us realise the importance of safe driving.


Turbo Dismount is a very exciting and magical driving collision game, unlike traditional driving games, the game is based on the core gameplay of collision car crash, the more serious the damage of the car driving collision, the higher the score, if you like to play.

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