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Total Destruction
Total Destruction
  • os: Android version: 2.6.3
    updated: Jul 5, 2022 size: 172.5 MB
  • os: IOS version: 172.5 MB
    updated: Jun 25, 2022 size: 172.5 MB
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Edit Notes

1、Challenging difficulty.

2、Original sound track.

3、There are a large number of abilities, each with its own unique sub-effects.

4、Different types of survivors.

5、Complex game mechanics.

How To Play

1, Use different warplanes or ground combat vehicles, different weapons with to complete the task of destroying the ground.

3, the game is quite suitable for venting, players are free to choose a different map.

3, the process you also have to be careful of the ground enemy counter-attack to do.


Total Destruction is a small pixel cartoon style destruction game, a variety of modern cutting-edge weapons, vehicles and equipment for you to choose, a variety of ammunition, shells unlimited burst, and excellent physical game effect, the collapse of rocks, terrain changes and other production are more realistic, recommended to you!

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