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Toca Life World
Toca Life World
  • os: Android version: 1.76
    updated: November 8, 2023 size: 615.4 MB
  • os: IOS version: 1.76
    updated: Nov 14, 2023 size: 615.4 MB
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There are 8 different locations for you to explore, including a barbershop, a shopping mall, a food court, and even an apartment.

All data is synced so you can mix and match any locations and characters you want to build your own brand new world.

We'll be adding new locations, characters, and crazy things to do on a regular basis.

Over 50 locations, 300+ characters, and 125 pets to choose from. Prices vary depending on the size of the item.

Houses, restaurants, workplaces, stores, cafes, police stations, daycare centers, pet stores, playgrounds, schools, youth clubs, and other assorted options.

How To Play

1, contains all the content of the Toka series, creating a Nocturnal free space.

2, players can write their own stories, linking different shapes and sizes of characters together.

3, more than 8 dozen open places for you to explore, shopping shopping eating and even buy a house.

4、Cultivate cute pets, design trendy houses, learn to make all kinds of food and so on.

5, crazy play, create new worlds, a lot of interesting content open, waiting for you to experience.


Educational type of exploration game, for the child for the whole world in the most initial stage is the most ignorant, so parents need a very good guidance in order to let the child gradually understand the whole world, and grow in it, the game, you can do anything you want to do, such as to grandma to do a crazy hair, throw things in the toilet flush or just hang out with friends -- you can hold your breath in anticipation. In Toca Life: World, you can progress by creating stories with your favorite characters in your favorite places. Want to take your pet to school? Go big. Take a sloth to the skate park? Don't hesitate. Take the doctor to the salon and dye her hair green? Sure you can. In Toca Life: World, you are the biggest player and you can write the story as you play.

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