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Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!
Tiles Hop: EDM Rush!
  • os: Android version: 1.0.53
    updated: February 4, 2024 size: 263.2 MB
  • os: IOS version: 6.2.3
    updated: Feb 6, 2024 size: 263.2 MB
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Edit Notes

This game is simply great for players who like music games, neon flashing lights take you into a new world of music!

The game's graphics are very cool, the music is also dynamic, super exciting, so high yo!

Fingertip operation to get more exciting and rich adventure This is a gorgeous rhythm jumping class casual hand game

The game is unique in that you can customize the songs. This greatly adds points to the game, but also to import their favorite songs, and some songs to see an ad unlocked, offline experience is excellent, advertising player, pouring songs simply can not be on the beat, a little play is dead, is the advertising version of the rolling sky.

How To Play

1. Players will control the ball to jump forward on various platforms. A large number of music can be freely selected to join. As long as you move your fingers easily, you can complete a piece of music every second, allowing the ball to continuously jump forward on the music blocks;

2. Created with horizontal music jumping gameplay, this game combines music, parkour, neon colors and other elements to make you feel like you have entered a wonderful world under the light;

3. The gameplay is very powerful, don’t miss any brick, just drag it lightly to operate. Swipe the screen to control the ball to jump left and right. If you miss it, the game will be over. You can unlock the experience by matching it with various music.


A dynamic music rhythm game with dazzling colors and a cool feeling to play, in this game you will play a beautiful melody with your fingers, follow the rhythm of the music, click your ball, let the ball each time accurately step on the top of the square, challenge your highest score, and also to match the notes and rhythm, the more notes and rhythm you hit, the higher your score, when your score After your score reaches S, you will be able to unlock more difficult modes and gradually challenge your musical limits.

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    by Abigale 12 May,2023
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    by mazie 15 Mar,2023
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    by gabriela1234 11 Mar,2023
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