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Tasty Planet
Tasty Planet
  • os: Android version:
    updated: Oct 25, 2022 size: 34.6 MB
  • os: IOS version: 1.8.5
    updated: Nov 4, 2020 size: 34.6 MB
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Edit Notes

1. The introductory game style, players can devour and PK to their heart’s content here to make themselves stronger;

2. Rich game levels, the game operation is very simple, be careful during the process of foraging and avoid various dangerous creatures;

3. It is a great test of your agility and various operational abilities. Make reasonable use of more props unlocked by the ocean to make yourself stronger.

How To Play

1. A devouring fun game with very simple operation, rich skins waiting for you to unlock, and a lot of fun in the game;

2. Constantly devour and become stronger, create a brand new planet, your goal is endless, constantly strengthen yourself;

3. With exquisite game style and lively background music, look for your objects everywhere and experience the fierce ocean battle.


An ocean-themed casual game of swallowing and level-breaking. Players will start from a small cell and devour as much as they want in the boundless ocean. You will continue to become stronger and you can enjoy the scenery of the ocean while enjoying it. This is a medicine-making game, this is a world of the weak and the strong, where the fittest survive and the weak are eliminated.

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