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Tailed Demon Slayer : RISE
Tailed Demon Slayer : RISE
  • os: Android version: 1.2.60
    updated: Aug 3, 2023 size: 448.5 MB
  • os: IOS version: 1.2.60
    updated: Aug 4, 2023 size: 448.5 MB
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Edit Notes

1. Exquisite picture expression, presenting rich and delicate scenes and character images in a cartoon style.

2. A rich adventure system, players can choose the areas they are interested in to take risks, including exploration, combat and puzzle solving.

3. A variety of equipment and skill systems, players can continuously upgrade and strengthen their equipment and skills to improve their own strength.

How To Play

1. Freely choose your own game mode, flexibly adjust the difficulty of the game, and also play free role matching and team cooperation games.

2. The content is very rich, players can continue to explore, challenge themselves, and enjoy all kinds of fun.

3. Carry out teamwork and complete more challenging tasks together to enhance the social interaction of the game.


A two-dimensional casual adventure mobile game, the background of the game is set in a world full of magic and fantasy. Players will play a brave adventurer, explore unknown areas in this world, fight various mysterious creatures, and solve hidden mysteries.Rich and varied gameplay, including adventure, combat, puzzle solving, etc., so that players will not feel monotonous and boring.

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