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Survival Heroes - MOBA Battle Royale
Survival Heroes - MOBA Battle Royale
  • os: Android version: 2.7.1
    updated: December 28, 2021 size: 57M
  • os: IOS version: 2.7.0
    updated: Dec 23, 2021 size: 1 GB
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Edit Notes

1, HD exquisite game quality, the first to present you a good visual experience, more cool hero skills.

2, hundreds of unique heroes, each hero has a rich plot background and a special description of the ability.

3, smooth game operation, real combat pleasure, flexible control of their heroes, start your chaos.

4, Team cooperation, personality heroes all gathered in one place, with them together in common battle, to destroy the enemy in one fell swoop.

How To Play

Innovative and unique gameplay rules, exciting and diverse operation experience, start your endless battle from here, use the extraordinary ability to defeat the players here. 

Real-time team hacking, grass competition shady people, wild brush upgrade. To improve their strength to first, according to the hero's attribute ability to carry out reasonable outfit.


Survival Heroes - MOBA Battle Royale is a new MOBA game with innovative gameplay and a powerful sci-fi twist. There are hundreds of heroes with unique personalities, they all have a lot of powerful power, you need to use their flexible operation to show the enemy a face. You need to use your flexibility to show the enemy's face. In cooperation with your teammates to defeat the powerful enemies, attack the enemy's high ground, and win the final victory, the gameplay is very bloodthirsty and exciting.

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