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Super Bear Adventure
Super Bear Adventure
  • os: Android version:
    updated: September 15, 2021 size: 84M
  • os: IOS version: 1.9.10
    updated: Sep 30, 2021 size: 189.5 MB
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1. Explore the Turtle Village and Snow Valley to discover secrets and talk to the inhabitants of the kingdom.

2. Collect as many coins as possible, unlock hats and fight your enemies to free the imprisoned bears.

3. Explore this universe and its characters through real-time animation.

4, The game is currently in development, it is not yet finished, but it is updated frequently.

5、The LEGO pixelated game style is unmistakably classic; blending parkour and adventure elements with a new casual feel.

6、Numerous well-designed challenge levels are incomparably cheerful; dynamic and passionate game background music is immersed in it.

7、Don't be in a hurry when playing, you have to pace yourself well so that you can win faster.

8、Everyone can become a god here, here to bring you the most joyful parkour journey.

9、After winning there will be a lot of rewards, among them will be some fashion, look cute, cool.

How To Play

1、The Lego pixel game style is incomparably classic

2. A new sense of relaxation with a mix of parkour and adventure elements

3, Many well-designed challenge levels are very cheerful

4. Dynamic and passionate background music to immerse yourself in


Super Bear Adventure is an adventure game in the LEGO pixel style. The scenes are very large and the game is very free to play. Players can take part in different scenarios and challenges and more. In this game you control a bear in a sandbox world, exploring the world and taking on more challenges. The game also allows you to travel through uncharted forests, deserts, lakes and other maps.

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