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A comic story in the style of a fairy tale, presented in the form of a puzzle game. The game takes medieval Europe as the story background, and adds fantasy characters such as kings, queens, queens, knights, princesses, etc. You need to build interactions between different characters according to the development of the story. By arranging scenes and characters, create classic plots such as the prince kissing the frog and rescuing the princess.

How To Play

As a puzzle game, it is unfolded in a puzzle-like manner. The game uses almost pictographic settings and uses 6-frame comics to describe different types of stories. Each scene and character is given a seemingly simple, but actually accurate positioning. The minimalist plot is full of reversals, love, etc. Many elements. In addition to creating classic plots according to your own knowledge, you can also give full play to your imagination, explore new storylines, and unlock hidden endings.


A free fairy tale themed puzzle game. The game unfolds in the form of a fairy tale book. In this story book, which is set in a country long ago, amazing stories are depicted, which contain elements of romance, magic, adventure, conspiracy, etc. You need Give feedback according to scenarios and roles, and work hard to complete different types of tasks.

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