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Special Ops: Online FPS PVP
Special Ops: Online FPS PVP
  • os: Android version: 3.20
    updated: May 18, 2022 size: 421.5 MB
  • os: IOS version: 1.0
    updated: Apr 30, 2018 size: 421.5 MB
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Edit Notes

1、completely offline, you can play anywhere, anytime

2、Easy to play, smooth control

3、Weapons: guns, pistols, sniper rifles, automatic rifles, shotguns, grenades!

4、Perfectly optimized, even for weak devices!

5、Realistic 3d graphics and cool animations

6、Play in multiple battlefields and many exciting missions

7、Many maps with different tactics

How To Play

The game players need to lead their squads to shoot off all the enemies accurately and quickly, and successfully destroy all the counter-terrorism personnel.


Special Ops: Online FPS PVP is a first-person large-scale 3D counter-terrorism online FPS combat game, simulating the real counter-terrorism battle, super shooting guns can have players arbitrarily choose, unique gun battle sound, feel the real gun battle shooting sense.

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