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Soul of Eden
Soul of Eden
  • os: Android version: 1.4.800
    updated: May 20, 2022 size: 698.8 MB
  • os: IOS version: 1.4.800
    updated: May 20, 2022 size: 698.8 MB
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Edit Notes

After several iterations of the style, the final careful grinding to create a real-time strategy card competition game. Infinite brain-burning strategy battle mechanism, hundreds of cards with different characteristics, in this four camps intertwined fantasy world, and other players to start a fierce battle that affects the future of the world. The game adopts 3D cartoon art style, players will be a "contestant" perspective, in the continuous battle to open the door to the truth of fate.

How To Play

Instant competitive card battle game masterpiece, the development team dedicated to research and development for 3 years, beautiful graphics production, rich cards and a variety of different skills with the use of intellectual combination of your team, enjoy the new card battle thrill, in a similar game "open box thrill" to do a great job, tear the card pack is very smooth, like friends do not miss!


Soul of Eden is a class royal wars, science fiction theme card battle class real-time strategy game, the screen technology, do is very delicate, special effects gorgeous with a sense, worth a try!

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